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At Congent Trades Limited, we pride ourselves in providing the best crypto- currency trading results for investors having a managed account registered and verified under our trading platform. Trades are meticulously calculated and predicted by our team of professional crypto-currency traders from around the world with years of experience and skills with the aid of tested and trusted developed automated trading bot with high efficiency that ensures steady influx of profit to our investors.

We are committed to creating the most user-friendly experience for all our investors while achieving maximum profitability we don’t only end there, we use the most advanced technology, develop new tools, professional financial advisers and traders to allow us to trade with confidence and success.

We also ensure that our customer service is of the highest level which can include both security and guidance. And lastly, whatever request that you as an investor may make, we will make every effort to ensure that it will be handled in a timely and professional manner after meeting up with the requirements

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If you are not willing to trade on your own but still want to have a stable income, then refer to our experts and we will help you to realise the potential of your investment budget. To do this, you only need to make a deposit, and our traders will do the rest. To increase our financial assets on accounts and as well as to continue its growth the company offers favourable terms of profitable interaction between traders and investors. We are making such proposal for everyone regardless of understanding of the market structure and principles of multi-currency trading as well. We offer several plans of same investment strategy. Depending on your preferences and the size of your deposit, you can get your profit at the end of a certain period.


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Since the financial technology market is growing fast, personal finance apps are created to help consumers with almost every aspect of their finances. It deals with risks consumers must take in uncertain situations, more precisely what part of their wealth should be put into the risk to get the best results


Daily 2.5% Returns

Daily Return

2.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 1000
Maximum$ 4999
per time$ 74.9875.0
Total Return$ 74.9875.0


Daily 4% Returns

Daily Return

4% roi each time

Minimum$ 5000
Maximum$ 19999
per time$ 499.98.0
Total Return$ 499.98.0


Daily 6.5% Returns

Daily Return

6.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 20000
Maximum$ 49999
per time$ 2274.9675.0
Total Return$ 2274.9675.0


Daily 12% Returns

Daily Return

12% roi each time

Minimum$ 50000
Maximum$ 99999
per time$ 8999.94.0
Total Return$ 8999.94.0


Daily 15.5% Returns

Daily Return

15.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 100000
Maximum$ 249999
per time$ 27124.9225.0
Total Return$ 27124.9225.0


Daily 21% Returns

Daily Return

21% roi each time

Minimum$ 250000
Maximum$ 499999
per time$ 78749.895.0
Total Return$ 78749.895.0


Daily 30% Returns

Daily Return

30% roi each time

Minimum$ 500000
Maximum$ 10000000
per time$ 1575000.0
Total Return$ 1575000.0

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A successful trader takes risks knowing that it’s not about entering a trade since managing is much more important. An important reason for having a proper money management technique is to be sure you can remain in the market long enough to make a profit.

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